These are some of the programs I do during my free time just for the fun of programming.
You’ll note lots of different programmers’ names - they are all my alter egos! Wow, schizophrenia’s on the way...

By the way, I'm sure you noticed the CRC32 code in each program box; download my CRC32 Calculator to check the ZIP file you downloaded.

Some of these programs are really old, I don’t even know if they're still working...


A Star Example
A Star is something, the way I see it, every programmer has to develop his version and save it somewhere handy, because you can and will use it for almost everything ;)
The beauty on this algorithm is that, although powerful, it is very simple to understand – therefore simple to program...

CRC32: 0xFE966F7F


This was the most popular vector game of the Golden Age!
I had to clone it.
This project uses Microsoft Cross-Platform Audio Creation Tool - XACT.

CRC32: 0x77441487


Just for the fun of having something on my monitor that most anybody understands!
But if you are one of those that cannot read binary numbers, fear not, this clock has the “Lame Time” button - click there and everything will be ok.

CRC32: 0xABD26361


Bitmap Drawer
This is a Bitmap editor – a very very simple one. It was made for the fun of it and after I decided to use it to create my Space Invaders graphics – well, just the 2D ones.
That means: it works, but as I said, a very simple bitmap editor.

CRC32: 0x931BC390


This is a simple 'Brainfuck' Interpreter.
With it you can write, run and debug your Brainfuck programs. Its main features are: STEP, TRACE and RUN TO CURSOR, it also gives you the possibility to run just selected Brainfuck code.
To enter in debug modus, you need to set a break point: '§'. When the program gets there, you can then step through the program or simply run to the next break point or to its end.

CRC32: 0x015E81E3


It is just a calendar generator - Well, you can scroll months and years up and down and also enter months and years numbers, after that the programm will then generate the entered month calender for you.

CRC32: 0x84BA1786


Class Spy
Just for study purposes.
The program will show the class name of any resource the pointer points to - in or out side of the program window.

CRC32: 0x72DEA989


This is a very cool program I did to test some cube mapping stuff.
It was made with DirectX SDK version 9.0, that means you must have, at least, DX 9 installed in your machine in order to run it and the D SDK 9.0 to compile it.

CRC32: 0x3E46B432


Dos Painting
Terrible name I know, but it is not a Painter for DOS. No, it is a little tool to help you to make all those beautiful graphics with DOS symbols – like the h4c|<3|2s use to do - that's pretty cool!
You can load a bitmap as a background and use the DOS palette do draw over the background to create your super graphic!

CRC32: 0xC96AC443


File Spliter
Well, the name says it all: It splits any file in n number of parts you want and, of course, put them back together!
A very simple to use tool.

CRC32: 0x48F925C1


Funk It!
It is a kind of ®TETRIS - no, not exactly - You have to set letters together to form the word FUNK.
Uses DirectX 8.0. It also has a beatifull implementation of the veryoldeverybodycando Plasma Effect, though still nice to look at...

CRC32: 0x44287380


It is just a game, a very simple one. Try it and you will get addictedto it because win is just impossible. Try it!

CRC32: 0xF6C55C93


Knight’s Tour
It is a very simple mathematical problem involving a knight and a chessboard. The knight is placed on the empty board and, moving according to the rules of chess, must visit each square exactly once.
This program gives you the chance to solve a board from 4 x 4 up to 31 x 31. If you cannot do it by yourself, the program can show you the next best move, if one exists!
In order to find the next best move, the program uses the Warnsdorff´s Rule.

CRC32: 0xAA8252C0


Entirely programmed in C++ and DirectX 8.0, it is a nice logic game. Beautiful graphics, nice sounds and music. To score, join at least 5 balls together - simple everybody knows principle.
Before you start to play, grab some junk food, because once you start to play it, you will not stop.

CRC32: 0x745F72B9


Magic Eye
This is the very first version of my Stereogram Maker.
It still needs lots of work but it is already able to create stereograms using patterns of any size or random points
( black and white or colored ) from depth maps in any color format.

CRC32: 0xEB50261D


The game is already very well known, this is just my Windows version of it.
Nice interface, considering that, besides the pegs, it is completely drew by Windows GDI functions - solely Windows graphics.

CRC32: 0x7A34A570


Memory Game
Do you remember where was the rabbit or was that a mouse?
This is a memory game, just that.

CRC32: 0x1AAC44C4


N Queens Puzzle
This is a simple program that uses backtracking to solve the eight Queens Puzzle.
The eight queens puzzle is the problem of putting eight chess queens on an 8×8 chessboard such that none of them is able to capture any other using the standard chess queen's moves.[Wikipedia]In my version, you can put from 4 up to 44 queens...

CRC32: 0x03B2671D


Another puzzle game I love!
This was also a chance I had to try my labyrinth creation algorithm - and I guess it works :D

CRC32: 0xE3494F13


Poncho’s Player
A simple mp3, wma player.
It is very small (less than 30Kb) and uses very little memory resources.

CRC32: 0xAB72FD29


Really Delete
This Program will fill any listed file with random values between 0 and 255 and after that will delete this file.
Deleting a file this way, even if you use a file recovering tool, you will not be able to restore it - that's why you should use Really Delete to really get rid of your confidential files!

CRC32: 0x56FD5BA9


I guess everybody knows this one!
Pay atention to the colors and sounds and repeat the sequence.

One special thing to this program is the fact that the sounds are MIDI, I mean, the program uses MIDI commands to play the notes you here while playing.
Plans for the futere is to build a menu where the user chooses the instrument she wants to hear!

CRC32: 0x10D6D5AC


Snake Game
It is a classic that I programmed using Direct3D 8.0 - So you need to have it installed in your machine to run the program or the SDK v. 8.0 to compile its source.
I must say that there is no big graphics here, but a funny Bezier lines stuff, take a look at it...

CRC32: 0x21D17F38


Space Invaders
This one do not need any explanation.
Download it and go back in time, the good old times when video games and imagination walked hand in hand. Take a look at the space ship from Space Invaders and you will understand what I am talking about...

CRC32: 0xC075B381


Theseus and the Minotaur
This program is a clone of 'Theseus and the Minotaur' by Robert Abbott.
I did this program just for the fun of programming it. Later on I discovered I should haven't done it. That's because Mr. Abbot won't let me give the executable for free...
Well, as inventor of the game, he deserves part of the money I could make with his invention, I understand that!
Since I cannot give the executable for free and my website is a free website, you will not find the executable here. But you can download the source to learn from it, it is free!
You are not allowed to distribute the executable!

CRC32: 0xDC7A70FD


This is another one of those programs nobody really needs but it is fun to look at it!
As the name says, this app is a clock, kind of binary clock. To read it, just count the lighted leds. The picture shows 23:24.
You can have it static, it will change the lights every minute, or you can have it blinking, the lights change every second.

CRC32: 0xECBB657E


If you know the original board game (Rush Hour) by ThinkFun you already know what to do.
If not: The goal of the game is to push the read block onto the marked square on the grid. Sounds simple? Try it!

The mouse moving vehicles stuff is still needing some work - not really wrong with that, but it is still not as I wanted it to be.

CRC32: 0x8194FC8A


A clone of a clone of a clone.
It seams every programmer did already a version of this game. Well, now it is my turn.

CRC32: 0x174342DF


Ascii Art Maker
If you ever wanted to create ASCII art and did not know how, this is your program.
Load a 256 colors Bitmap, choose a palette or create your own and let the program do the rest for you.

CRC32: 0x373E24C6


I saw this game on my friend’s palm – hi Conrad. I played with it a little and found it really funny although a little too geek – it is definitely a game for programmers!
The principle is pretty easy, click on the numbers to change them from 0 to 1 to 0 in order to match the result showed on the right side of each line to remove this line – be fast!



Binary Clock 2
Another binary clock app!
This one is easier to read than the first binary clock I made. To read this one, just read the binary columns from left to righ, each column is a digit - the picture shows 18:30:25.

CRC32: 0xAF3E031A


Another simple puzzle that you will love!
Simply search for 4 tiles of the same color that form a square. The bigger the square, the more points you will get.
To mark the tiles just click and drag using the left mouse button or click each one of the tiles with the right mouse button.
Now in the second version...
It was added the possibility to save your highscore online.

CRC32: 0xCE2E1734


Button Game
This was my first finished game in C++. It is basically one of those games you push squares around to complete a predefined pattern, with a little difference from the others. This one uses colors instead of numbers or letters like normal versions do. That means you have 9!( 9 factorial ) different combinations to play with.

CRC32: 0x6EF1E6C9


Cascade II
Because my girl friend was crazy about Cascade, I programmed this Windows version for her. Well, you know girls!
Anyways, it is a funny time killer game that was done in 2 days with nice graphics and musics.

CRC32: 0x85BDF9AD


Crc32 Calculator
I guess I don't need to explain that.
It calculates the Crc32 code of a binary (exe or dll) file. The calculated code is than pushed into the Clipboard.

CRC32: 0x81FEC264


Disk Usage
This is a very simple program that lists in a tree format all the directories from a drive ordering them by the size.
Maybe a 2nd version will follow using a more attractive GUI.

CRC32: 0xB2A9B9AA


This is a simple implementation of the well known Vegenere Cipher Algorithm.
Pretty simple to use, offers a direct copy to clipboard option - it is not necessary to mark the text!
I don't know what for you going to need it, but it is funny to play with it.



If you have an iGoogle account you probably know this game.
All you have to do is to flood the whole board with one color in less than 25 steps. You start from the top left corner and progress by selecting one of the colored buttons on the bottom of the window. When you change your current area color, every adjacent square with the same color also changes, that way you can flood other areas on the board.

CRC32: 0x61D00FE6


Gradient Palette
The program just create a Palette that fades from one color to another. I use it together with the Bitmap Drawer program. Pretty handy!

CRC32: 0x0CCDF470


Hunt the Wumpus
Hunt the Wumpus was originally written in BASIC by Gregory Yob, in 1972 or 1973.
It is a classic text based adventure, and this is my version of it.
It has, beside a random generated cave, 6 other ones, all designed by Mr. Yob.



Leet You
Elite, just a crazy way to make normal things look special.
The program will translate normal words( in any language ) to leet. If you don't know leet, it looks like this: JungleBoy will turn into j(_)||6LEB()Y. Ain’t that cool?!?

CRC32: 0x8079053D


Lorem Generator
A very small tool that generates Lorem Ipsum dummy text.
If you need dummy text for your web designs or everywhere else someone might need dummy text, that is the program!

CRC32: 0x081539BD


Mandelbrot & Julia Sets
You know what it is about, don’t you? Fractals of course. When you start the program it will draw the Mandelbrot Fractal, now you can zoom in or click anywhere on the Mandelbrot with the right button to see the Julia Fractal from the clicked point.
You can also change the fractal resolution - indispensable when the zoom factor is too big.

CRC32: 0xEFEDD875


My first screen saver. Nice effects but the code is a mess... It works nice though.
As I already said, nice effects, I need to get the code redone, well, one day...

CRC32: 0x648887F4


Everybody programmed one already, this is my turn.
It is just as good as the original! Well, I would say it is better than the original, because you have the code right here and that can be changed! Isn’t it really inviting?

CRC32: 0x32455152


I was playing with the idea of making a navigation mesh example for some time and than, finally, came the opportunity: Our new game, Below & Beneath, needed one.
This is the first test for the final implementation in the game.

CRC32: 0x749353B5

Ponchos Tetris

Poncho’s Tetris
What should I say about this program..... Hummm!
Download it and play it, you know how it goes!
I always wanted to do a Tetris clone, here it is.

CRC32: 0x73D1FEB8


Project Cleaner
I did it to clean my Visual C++ projects directories, but you can use it to search, move and remove any kind of file in your computer.

CRC32: 0x23F947D9


Simple game where you have to match pairs.
To match a pair the second block must be reachable in 2 turns or less!
Take a try.

CRC32: 0xF29068D4


Smart Colors Wheel
Color Wheel is a very practical program to find colors that are related together.
Just choose a start color and the program does the rest for you. All the start colors are among the 4096 Smart colors palette, these colors are formed from doubles as #5599dd or #44cc11.
The program can create Gradients Palettes with up to 4 colors. It is also possible to save and load the wheel palettes in 3 formats: PAL, ACT and Photoshop ACO.
By the way: No MFC trash here! Hope it is useful for somebody out there.

CRC32: 0x9FDD7764


Sokoban 3D
It is a Sokoban game with 245 puzzels to solve in full 3D.
I like Sokoban puzzles very much, if you also do you'll find this program very cool!
The camera is a little dirty stuff but I'll fix it as soon as I have time.

CRC32: 0x0738C516


The Fractal Tree
is a very nice program that explores a simple ( well not so simple ) principle: the possibility to draw the same graphic thousands of times on the screen, using as less GPU resources as possible.
To run this program you'll need DirectX 9.0 and a graphic card that supports shader model 3.0. If your card do not support it, no problem, the program will run without any problems, but not as fast as it could.

CRC32: 0x8B1A4CCC


Tic tac toe
simple TicTacToe with a little intelligence!
I said a little and I mean it. You can play against the computer and it will sometimes even win but do not wait much....

CRC32: 0x21229500


Tower of Hanoi
everybody knows it!
Good to kill some time.
The program is not that code masterpiece, but it is good! It worth to take a peek.

The Solve part is also interesting – I decided to go in a different way than everyone else does to solve the Hanoi Problem.
Take a look!

CRC32: 0x28736A60


Turn It!
Just click on the small buttons and try to put all the same icons in a line - pretty simple time killer.

CRC32: 0x4ECB2E69


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